Blackout Poem – The Carnival


Calm dear lady


I love it!

It’s like a roller coaster!


Caught sudden wonderful things going on

Fudge snowstorm

Hot caramel village

Children playing

Wind outside hurtled forward and twisted



“There isn’t anything such as a “bad choice or a good choice,” they only come with consequences”


-Chinwe I.

Getting to Know Me as a Reader


Photo from Unsplash

Hello! If you don’t know already, I love reading and I hope you do too! So in this blog post you’re going to get to know me as a reader. 

One of my favorite genres is deep mystery. It’s just so intense and reading mysteries is like doing an experiment and not knowing what’s going to happen. It just keeps me on the tip of my toes. I also like mild horror mixed with mystery, kind of like a murder mystery. A murder mystery is what I would call mild horror. Although I haven’t read any murder mystery books yet, I would love to get suggestions. My third favorite genre is mystery high fantasy. I think fantasy mysteries are one of the best mysteries. For example, fantasy mystery can take you anywhere, from dragons to underground dungeons, it really can take you everywhere and anywhere. 

One of my favorite things about reading is that I can almost do anything from just the minor details. From trying exotic foods or just eating plain old popcorn, details have a major effect on stories.

I have loved reading since 1st grade. It’s when I was able to read chapter books in 2nd grade that the world of possibilities opened to me. In 2nd grade I loved reading so much I read up to three chapter books at a time. A few of my favorite book series at the time were the Nancy Drew series, Thea Stilton & The Thea Sisters, Goosebumps, and Geronimo Stilton. They were amazing. I especially liked the Geronimo & Thea Stilton because it had fun little words that looked liked what they said, had pictures but not too many, and the words were evenly spaced out and easy to read. 

A few of my favorite books are The Magic of the Mirror, Slime for Dinner, & The Book Jumper. I really enjoy these books. I definitely recommend them to you if you like fantasy & mystery books. Mild horror too for The Book Jumper.


What’s your favorite book genre? Please let me know. Thank you for reading! Until next time!

                   “ Knowledge comes in small bits, not as a whole”


                                                                                                      -Chinwe I.

The Book Jumper


Hello! Something I’d like to share with you is a book called: The Book Jumper by Mechthild Gläser. I think that this is a window book. There are three types of books: window, mirror, or both. A window book means that it is a book that is completely or somewhat unrelated to you in some way. A mirror book is super relatable or somewhat relatable to you or your life. Now that you know, I think it’s is a window book because it’s about a girl named Amy Lennox who doesn’t know quite what to expect when she and her mother pack up and leave Germany for Scotland, heading to her mother’s childhood home of Lennox House on the island of Stormsay. She then finds out that she can jump into stories. She finds out that somebody has been stealing the ideas of the books. She falls in love but then a mysterious girl puts a curse on him. I don’t want to spoil it too much but it’s totally a great book. No one can jump into stories unless with your imagination. It would be really cool if we could, but we can’t. And her life is just full of adventure. If you love adventure and mysteries, then this book is for you! I personally loved it. It says young adult, but I don’t think so. I think anybody can read it. Until next time!

           “Being cool does not make you famous, It’s your talents.”

                                                                                                               – Chinwe

Text Abbreviations: Tips, Tricks, and Meanings

You are texting your friends wrapped up in a blanket sitting next to the fireplace and suddenly they text “ttyl” and now you’re fretting over it because you don’t know what it means. Now, you don’t want to ask your friends because you think it will make you look “uncool.” So, you decide to look it up on the internet, and as always the internet has your back. But sometimes looking up something takes some time and maybe even stressful. But, lucky for you, I’m going to give you tips, tricks, and meanings to commonly used text abbreviations and some that you probably never even heard of. You can show off the new words you learned to your friends. We are going to start with the most common…

  1. OMG

A lot of people, maybe even everyone, must have heard the saying: “Omg!” Or the actual meaning: “Oh my gosh!” When you hear it you probably think: “What’s happening? Maybe I should go check it out or maybe stay put. But what if it’s something that’s important? But what if it’s not and they are just saying it for attention?” I know it can be confusing. I think it is misused a lot but let’s not get into that. The word omg is a word of surprise or fear. You would say it if you were surprised or scared. Basically it’s not something you should say all the time.

  1.  LOL

Lol stands for laughing out loud. It’s usually used for something funny. When you use this in text it can either mean: (1) there is something funny that was texted or said, or (2) you are actually laughing about something that was texted or said. It sounds a little improper to actually say it aloud, but I think it’s fine to say it to your friends. Just don’t let the grammar police catch you! 😉 

  1. BTW

Btw means: By the way. It’s usually used as a faster way to type “by the way.” You would use it to add something to what you were saying especially when you just thought of it. Here’s an example: “Btw I saw a cute puppy walking with its owner yesterday.” This is very useful especially if you type a lot.

  1. TTYL

TTYL stands for: talk to you later. This is a WAY easier and faster way to say goodbye or to do something and come back to your friend. This is better used for text than talk. I mean it’s kind of awkward to just say “TTYL!” And just run off. So, to save you from the awkwardness of the whole thing, just use it in text. Please. 

  1. R, U, Y etc

That isn’t a word, it’s more like easy shortcuts to writing. Like if you were going to write: “you” instead write: “U” if you were going to write: “are” instead write: “R” if you were going to write: “why?” Instead write: “Y?” And so on. You probably should use it when you don’t have much time to write something properly. DISCLAIMER: Please don’t write like this if you’re writing to a teacher or an important person. You didn’t hear this from me but it’s not a great idea.


Tips and Tricks

A trick I always use is to try to guess what the letters resemble. Like for example: ttyl you guys already know what it means but if you see a word and you don’t know what it means, just make an educated guess. Sometimes you can be right! For me it feels like a guessing game. It’s really fun!

There are hundreds more text abbreviations and I wish I could write it all at once but I don’t want to make this too long to read. If you think I should make another post about this, comment about it and I will consider it. But I’m going to show you one more text abbreviation that you’ve hopefully never heard before. If you have, please tell me so I can find harder ones.


  1. ROFL

I’m going to give you time to guess…. And it means; Rolling On the Floor Laughing. I know! Crazy right? It doesn’t even have a “t” in the abbreviation for the word “the.” Hee Hee! I’m guessing you didn’t guess this one! You would usually use it if something is REALLY funny or you’re actually rolling on the ground laughing out loud.


I had a LOT of fun writing this and I hope you loved reading it too! Until next time!

                    “Making someone smile can change their life.”

                                                                                                           – Chinwe I.


My Time At Camp Kirkwood

Day 1:

When I was on the bus to camp I had very high hopes for Camp Kirkwood. When we finally pulled into the middle of grassy nowhere and the pavilion, and saw the first building, I was a bit unsure because the building looked pretty old. But once I saw what was supposedly “Lunch” and realized the main office was in the cafeteria, I knew I was in for an adventure. First, when I obviously refused my “Lunch” I patiently waited and ate my chips, and wondered how 100-300 people eat in this church-looking “cafeteria”. LITERALLY. When we came in on the first day and went to the “cafeteria”, I thought we were going to church. I’m actually not kidding. Why? Because we went to the “Y”mca. Get it? I know it’s not that funny. Anyway, the point is that my first expectation was absolutely DESTROYED. Ok, let’s continue with the story. When we literally RAN through Hurricane Idalia; Oh! Did I tell you that we literally DROVE through a HURRICANE. Like, BRUH. Anyway, on with the story. When we ran through the hurricane to our cabin we had some free time to get used to the cabin, and guess what we saw… A ROACH🪳. That’s right, A ROACH. THIS is their welcome gift?! A LITERAL ROACH🪳. It created some unnecessary drama and got whacked with a croc. R.I.P Roach the Roach🪳. At that point I was getting tired of this and we had just come. (I know the roach wasn’t their fault)

Day 2:

Day 2 was probably my favorite day. We got to do a lot of activities. It was very fun…Except for the fact that the Kanga Jump doesn’t allow shoes. I went home with 3 pairs of sandy socks. Actually, I KNOW my favorite activity was the V-Swing. It was SO fun! Around lunchtime I looked around more carefully to my surroundings. When I tell you that that place is old, IT’S OLD. Inside buildings there’s cobwebs in every corner, sometimes there’s bugs scuttling around your feet without you knowing, Heck, there was a moth in our cabin TWICE. I mean, who messes up THAT BAD? I was trying to keep my cool there. I’ll give them credit for for sleep because I was expecting the cabin to be very hot, but it was kind of chill. I Almost got a splinter though. We also had a birthday celebration with a few people including my friend Aether! We celebrated at dinner with cake 🍰. The cake was really good and fluffy. Something you want to know about me is that I don’t like certain types of stuff. And it’s weird like I don’t like eating regular Oreos but I like the golden ones and I also like some certain types of frosting. The frosting was really thin so it’s either that it was good or it was too thin for me to taste it. We also had s’mores! It was my third time ever eating s’mores. Overall, Day 2 was a lot better. If I  was to  give it a rating it would be, Drumroll Please… 7.2! I mean, They’rrreee Grrrrreeeat! Ha, like the Frosted Flakes commercial. Hm, I did one of those jokes again! 😅😒 




Day 3:

Day 3 was ok. I honestly didn’t know that we were going to have activities that day. We did Kanga Jump, Forest Ecology, and group activities. It was nice. We had to pack our things so we could leave. I was kind of sad, I mean, camp was so fun! We had lunch before we left, and it was pizza! It was REALLY GOOD. 10 out of 10 on the delicious scale. The pizzas were small but had a lot of flavor in them. The director of the camp gave one final speech to us, and with that, we all piling on the buses getting comfortable for the trip back home. While the buses were taking off, they were waving goodbye to us and hoping that we’d come back soon. So even though my first expectations were destroyed, we had bugs in our cabin, and the food was not great, etc, I learned that it’s the thought that counts and not the looks. Here is a list that Camp Kirkwood reminds me of…

  1. Old
  2. V Swing
  3. Zip line
  4. Sandy socks
  5. S’mores
  6. Comfy ride home
  7. Fun time before bed
  8. Pool
  9. Bugs
  10. Did I already say Old?
  11. Bubbles
  12. Fun

           “ The best things in life happen when we least expect them”


                                                                                                   – Chinwe I.